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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Balo Chilli Slimming Gel

Price: RM37 (250ml)/ RM20 (85ml)

Description of product:
-One of the No.1 selling slimming gel in Taiwan & Japan.
-This product creates an heating effect that burns your fats.
-Contains Chilli, Honey, Ginger & seaweed, it also moisturizes your skin, reduce cellulites as it burns your calories.
- chilli + garlic smell to give u a burning sensation
-You'll feel a bearable burning sensation when you first apply the gel, but its normal as it shows that the gel is working.
-Can be used on areas that needs slimming such as waist, thighs, arms and calfs. -Massage the gel onto targetted areas for 15 minutes daily.

- not suitable for sensitive skin
- recommended for overweight people
-For best results, after massaging, wrap it with Shape - Up Waist or Thighs wrap.

- Supplier assured results after 1 bottle, and into 2nd bottle, fats will be totally gona FOREVER!

How to apply?
After shower. Only apply to areas that you wish to burn off the fats. For best result, massage in an upward direction and till the cream/gel is totally absorbed and twice daily. Do not have to wash it off.

QUOTE(*** @ Nov 24 2008, 04:38 PM) i already tried out the Balo chilli slimming gel for 3 days and its really effective.Nvr regret purchasing this product compared to those in the pharmacy that merely have results.Thumbs up

QUOTE(**** @ Nov 30 2008, 08:14 PM)
hi thr.. i try this product d..
i try other chili slimming gel before..
u can feel the “heat” just for a while oni.. after tat is just normal
but balo chili slimming gel is great..
the balo chili slimming can keep the “heat” for a long time..
wat i experience is i apply at nite time and i still able to feel the heat in the next day morning!!


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