Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shinzui Skin Lightening Soap (dermatologically tested). Shinzui mengandung Herba Matsu Oil™ - Japan untuk kulit putih sihat.

Cara pakai:
- Usapkan Shinzui Skin Lightening Soap ke seluruh tubuh dan biarkan selama 3 minit sebelum dibilas. - Untuk hasil menyelruh, gunakan Shinzui Skin Lightening Soap 2 kali sehari. - Untuk mempertahankan kulit tubuh tetap cerah, gunakan secara teratur dan terus menerus.

1 bar = RM 10

Shinzu'i - a japanese image brand - first launched in 2002 as skin lightening soap bar with Herba Matsu Oil.TM Japan. SHINZU'I soap has been dermatological tested that can help enhancing dark skin to lighter tone. SHINZU'I has gained the consumers heart on its first launched and soon enjoyed a good market share. within three years time it has become "TOP OF MIND" brand for whitening soap range in local market. SHINZU'I has known as the pioneer brand for whitening soap in Indonesia. SHINZU'I gets Indonesia Customer Loyalty Award (ICLA) 2006, this prove SHINZU'I has satisfied consumer needs. it is a soap bar that delivers premium quality with affordable price.

Brand : SHINZU'I Skin Lightening Soap Bar of 100gr Benefits : Give you fair and healthy skin, Containing Herba Matsu Oil Japan. is refined from herb extract which is gradually changes the skin dark-Melanin Pigment into lighten-leuco melanin pigment without killing any melanin pigment cells and moisturizer also keep your skin's moist and naturally balance.

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